Camping in Yellowstone National Park

Camping in Yellowstone National Park

June 18, 2020

Yellowstone National Park is a very popular family camping spot.  This massive national park touches three states: Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Yellowstone is famous for Old Faithful, one of the longest running geysers, as well as a collection of other geysers and hot springs.  Wildlife is abundant in Yellowstone Park and you can and the kids can see wolves, bison, grizzly bears, and elk as well as smaller wildlife species.

There are endless activities to keep the kids busy including some of the best hiking in the country. There are restaurants and stores near the park if you want a restaurant meal or run out of supplies but you’ll probably be too busy having fun in the park to want to leave it.

Camping at Yellowstone is very cheap. Basic campsites that have almost no amenities are only $12 per night.  Campsites that offer flush toilets, showers and other amenities on site are only $18.50 per night.  There is a $25 per vehicle fee plus $12 per person that you will have to pay to get into the park but that will be that fee covers seven days of visiting the park. 

Overall, camping at Yellowstone is a huge value, especially when you consider the beautiful scenery and all the free activities that you will have access to.  Fires are permitted in special fire grates so you can have that all important family campfire at night.

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