10 Tips for Camping in the National Parks in 2020

10 Tips for Camping in the National Parks in 2020

May 30, 2020

Visiting the National Parks is the ultimate American Experience. However, making arrangements and dealing with the crowds can be a nightmare.

Here are the 10 best tips to make sure your National Park experience is truly amazing! 

1. Book Early – the NPS site is the only way to book your trip. Here is the site: You can book from three up to six months in advance for trip and weekends go fast.

2. Avoid the dead of summer and the dead of winter – a lot of parks will 

3. Avoid the holidays – it will be crowded as hell. 

4. Enter the park early….or late.

5. Bring plenty of water. Some parks have potable water and some don’t or in drought. Make sure you know what you’re working with ahead of time. 

6. Gas up!  The parks are beautiful and scenic and you can take endless drives…but don’t run out of gas!  I’ve almost done it countless times.  Always gas up before you enter the park and whenever you leave the park. Some of the parks have gas stations (Yosemite, Death Valley, etc), but not many!

7. Bring plenty of food. There aren’t many parks that have restaurants or food marts, so make sure to bring enough food for your trip. 

8. Pack it out, pack it in. Be respectful of the parks. Plan on bringing a trash bag or three for the weekend. There should be dumpsters throughout each campgrounds, so make sure to not leave any trash in the park. 

9. Be patient. The parks can be over-crowded, have tons of traffic, and be filled with tons of families from across the world enjoying the views, so be ready to wait to enjoy the park. 

10. Be respectful. If you respect the park and leave no trace, your children and your children's children will be able to enjoy the park. Leave it as it is for the future generations. 

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