Tips on Layering for National Park Visits

Tips on Layering for National Park Visits

May 30, 2020

If you're visiting the National Parks, you'll need to stay warm, even in the toughest conditions. But as the weather changes, you'll need to be able

That's where layering comes into play.  This allows you peel layers off and cool down as needed during your next National Park visit. 

Let's take a look at the different layers. 

T-shirt – 

A standard T-shirt is always a good place to start.  It doesn't have to be anything too fancy. 

This will keep your base layer less stinky and sweaty and will keep rashes from forming if you plan on wearing your base layer on a multiple day backpack trek.

Base-layer – 

This layer is a crucial one and should be a little fancier than your T-shirt. 

Base-layers are designed to really set the foundation for your insulation by keeping you dry and maintaining breathability. 

I personally use a __ from REI here: 

Soft-shell – 

A soft-shell is almost like a sweatshirt.  It's truly the middle layer. 

This layer is water resistant, but doesn't need to be water proof.  It can be used as an outer-layer if need be in light rain and a temperate day hike.  This offers some breathability. 

North Face offers my favorite base-layer and I get many compliments on it. Check it out here: 

In most places, you can stop here, but if you're going to a colder place, you'll want to continue layering. 

Insulated – 

The famous puffy jackets you see everywhere are a great example of the insulated layer. 

Make sure it doesn't tear and the craftsmanship is decent.  These have a tendency to "leak" feathers or stuffing often, so make sure to read the reviews. 

I personally use an REI and have found it both stylish and effective in the parks: 

Rain, hard-shell – 

This is a crucial layer.  A thin, waterproof layer designed to be taken on and off quickly.  

Make sure it covers your hands well, and has a hood. Read the reviews!  Many hard-shells tend to leak (per the reviews). 

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