Our Story

Our Story

The story of National Parks Pro is really the story of Whitney and me.  We were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl in an office job in PB.  We were both working in cubicles, feeling like something was missing, and looking for fulfillment in our lackluster lives.  Feeling boxed in by the grind of daily commutes, cubicle life, and the information overload of our modern lives, we didn’t know when this would ever end.  

That all changed one day, when Whitney walked into my office. Time stood still and I heard Dream Weaver playing majestically in the background as Whitney walked into my life.  After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I managed to ask her to have a slice of pizza and luckily, she agreed.  We’ve been together every day since.   

After dating for some time and sharing a love for the outdoors, we started spending more and more time in Joshua Tree National Park doing everything from hiking, to camping, to climbing, to seeing all the sites.  We became borderline obsessed.  

Then we started to see how many National Parks in California we could drive to in a 3 day weekend.  Then we started taking ferries to the Channel Islands.  Then we started driving to Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico and telling our families we couldn't make it for the holidays because we are National Park Obsessed.  The addiction was real at this point! 

Eventually, we ditched the cubicles and pursued our dreams.  We’ve spent countless hours on road trips, spent a small fortune at REI, and visited as many National Parks as we could.  We haven’t looked back since. 

Not only did our love for each other grow, but our love for the National Parks became an obsession. Looking back at where we started from, it feels like we’re on top of the world!  We now want to share our true passion with the world. 

Thanks for Hearing Our Story and Joining Our Community!

- Our Cause -

Our Cause is to diversify our National Parks through three primary methods: awareness, education, and community outreach. 

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