Diversify Our Parks

Throughout the years of visiting our National Parks, we have had the times of our lives!

Whether if we were crawling through the depths of the biggest known caves in the world, swimming in the water between the Channel Islands, or running through sacred dunes, we truly celebrated what the National Parks have been able to give to us. 

The more we explored the Parks, the more we noticed the faces of the people that visited the Parks alongside us.  We didn't see a demographic that seemed to represent what our country actually looks like. 

While the National Park Service (NPS) turned 100 last year, African Americans still represent only about seven percent of park visitors. In comparison, they make up thirteen percent of the national population. Latinos, Native Americans, and other non-white visitors are similarly underrepresented. The rest—some 78 percent—are white. NPS employees are 83% white. 

Visitation figures are skewed even further when the visits in question are to parks that showcase more wilderness and outdoor recreation. A visitation survey done in Yosemite National Park showed that African Americans totaled just 1 percent of visitors, compared to 77 percent white and 11 percent each for Hispanics and Asians.

Our mission at National Parks Pro and National Parks Explorer is to diversify our Parks through spreading awareness, education, and community outreach.  We're focused on connecting to more diverse audiences and creating content with this audience in mind.

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Women and the National Parks - 

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We own this land together - all 84 million acres so make sure to do your part to diversify our Parks!